Thursday, February 11, 2010

Niagara Falls

We are about to head off on our annual winter vacation. Among the places we are going to go are Tunica, Mississippi, Biloxi , Mississippi, Laughlin, Nevada,  Las Vegas , Nevada. and Palm Springs California.

We left at 6 in the morning and with the beautiful blue sky's and dry roads we were in Niagara Falls by 1:20 pm.

Only exciting thing so far is that we had a truck tire explode right beside us today along the QEW. It exploded within 3 feet of Carol. You can just imagine her scream. Fortunately no harm done to us or the truck and the traffic was light. He managed to stop ok. An exploding truck tire is really loud when you are right beside it.

The  weather in Niagara Falls was clear and cold, with a strong north wind, needless to say we did not spend too much time around the falls. We took several pictures that we think you will enjoy.

The first one is a shot of the American side of the falls. Lots of ice and spray coming over the falls.
The Canadian side of the falls is actually more interesting and picturesque than the American side. That cold water pouring over the falls and the roar of the water and ice as it goes over is quite something to watch.

Since the sun was shining today , a beautiful day, there was a permanent rainbow hanging over the Niagara Falls gorge.
The Rainbow and the gorge beyond, frozen in ice.

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